Friday, July 07, 2006

Welcome to the World of Lose

This will be a blog of lose. Many of you have never read such a thing, you will think the events I describe will be impossible, or are fiction, or a figment of my chemically altered imagination. I assure you they will all be real. The blog will be about the daily life of lose of a paunchy, ill-healthed, divorced, middle aged man. A man who has lost at the game of life. Superficially I appear to be a success.....PhD in biochemistry, house, 2 cars. But the cloud of lose has been over me for the last 45 years. We'll attempt to go way back, and see where it all went wrong.
It will also describe other things that sort of keep you from putting a gun to your TV, Slayer concerts, cigars, cheesesteaks, pinball, hot dogs, guitars, porn, high end audio, etc. The things that give you a reason to get up in the morning. It certainly ain't work. In science, most everyone is an "A Typer" know, eats, sleeps, and shits their job. Me, I just want to get the hell home, away from the insanity, the madness, the cut-throat world of corporate games. Woody Allen said it best..."There are small oases, moments of respite, moments where we are all distracted from the abysmal nightmare that human existence is". This blog will be about those distractions. "Some of you might not yet know what i'm talking about.....don't worry, you will" Lester Burnham, American Beauty


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