Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Return of the Stent Man

Well it figures that my urinary tract is still fucked up. After a year of six lithotripsies and having a stent in there, now there's something wrong with my bladder. It all goes back 7 years ago when I had that kidney stone attack at Ed's pool party. I was writhing on the floor of his family room in agony while the kids were laughing at me. That one must of passed, cause a few years went by till my next attack. I was home alone for that one, and had to call 911 since the pain wouldn't let up for 6 hours and I was puking blood. To make a long story short, they found my right kidney to have 3 stones basically the size of marbles and I had to undergo "lithotripsy", or sonication, to break them up. The doc's tell you they will disintegrate into 'sand", but in reality they disintegrate into "gravel" that you have to pee out. It ain't pleasant. So that your ureter doesn't get clogged up, they put a stent from your kidney to your bladder to keep things open.

I eventually pissed out all the hunks of stone, and they yanked the stent out after a year. That was fun, too. Now they found something in my bladder, and it ain't a stone. If only the side effect of all this was to enlarge my Willy, but sadly that didn't happen, in fact I think it shrunk. Loser again!! Not like I use it anyway.....
So I now await the results of the CAT scan. Oh, and drinking that barium stuff gives you the trots.....they dont' tell you that.


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