Friday, May 07, 2010

Punks Not Dead....Yet

If you said "Punk is Dead" i'd have to generally agree with you. What is out there nowadays that compares to the classic stuff like the Pistols, Black Flag, Damned, Dead Kennedys etc etc?? Nothing, at least to my knowledge. And don't say Green Day, either. While I happen to still like Green Day they are firmly entrenched in mainstream pop rock.

I haven't really heard a great punk rock album in at least 10 years. But that has all changed now.

I give to you the COLUMBIAN NECKTIES.

A friend of mine at work, who is into less heavy stuff like Wilco, somehow stumbled onto these guys. Upon first listen, I could not believe what I was hearing. Holy Shit!! THIS IS PUNK ROCK!!! It's just full throttle rock and roll Ramones crossed with Angry Samoans. Come to think of it it is very similar to the Action Swingers stuff. Hell they even do a cover of AC/DC's "Riff Raff". They know, like I do, that AC/DC's best album is "Powerage".

I'm not sure these guys even exist anymore, and their stuff is not released in the US. Looks like they're from Sweden. The first two albums, "Abrance!" and "Why Change Your Moves", are essential and perhaps the best punk rock one-two punch of the last decade. Buy it if you can find it!!!


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