Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Cups Runneth Over

I had recorded in this blog several years ago, that observations of the teenage sluts at Musikfest indicated that breasts seem to be getting bigger. Every little whore prancing around seemed to have at least a C or D cup spilling out of their skimpy top. Well, it seems I was right, as ususal. I recently read (in Playboy, no less) that the average cup size of a woman has gone from 34B (in the 70s) to a 36C (now). That's quite a jump. I wonder if that includes implants or just natural tits. Let me tell you there's no substitute for big jugs. My favorite size happens to be a 36DD. Not that i'm getting any, or ever will anymore, but nevertheless. That makes me wonder what the average will be in another 30 years. If the trend continues, we can expect a 36D average size. If only penis size was going up. Quite the contrary, mine is shrinking with age (and lack of use). Gone from a 6 inch to a 4 inch. Hell it never gets used so might as well stay out of the way. Looks like i'm a loser again.
Yes, and those gorgeous 34D jugs pictured above belong to none other than Jennifer Love Hewitt.....who also puts Swarovski crystals around her shaven pussy and carries her vibrator everywhere. Read her book if you think i'm bullshitting. What a little slut!!


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