Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dio's Dead

I didn't even know he was sick, hell he was even on tour last year with Heaven and Hell. But the legendary DIO has now passed to that great mosh pit in the sky. Dead of stomach cancer at 67. Damn, 67 and the dude was still kicking ass.

Dio was a major influence on the lives of Dips. It all started with the legendary Memorial Day Jam at Allentown Fairgrounds,1978, with Foghat, Rainbow, and Hounds. Rainbow were touring for the "Long Live Rock and Roll" album and were at the top of their game. Blackmore destroyed his axe along with the entire stage and everyone went ballistic.

Dio influenced us so much that we named a pinball move after him, the "Dio Move". This is when you raise your arm after flipping in a highly flamboyant style, attempting to mock the table and show it who's boss. Only skilled players can pull off the Dio Move without repurcussions.

Dio went on to Black Sabbath for Heaven and Hell, then went for his solo career. Below is a list of classic, must own Dio. Rock on, brother.

ELF. I don't own the ELF records, but i've heard they are more boogie, piano driven stuff. The first one is supposed to be the best.

RAINBOW. The two essential albums are "Rising" and "Long Live Rock and Roll". Rising is perhaps the best thing ever done by Dio in any band/format. A classic record.

BLACK SABBATH. Dio jump started Sabbath again with "Heaven and Hell" and "Mob Rules". The live album, "Live Evil" is good, too.

DIO. The solo band, the first two records, "Holy Diver" and "Last in Line" are good stuff and equally essential.

HEAVEN AND HELL. Dio re-unites with Sabbath, who really can't put up with Ozzy and Sharon anymore.

"And they'll tell you black is really white
The moon is just the sun at night
And when you walk thru golden halls
you get to keep the gold that falls
It's heaven and hell!"


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