Monday, July 24, 2006

Snortin Cover Tunes, Drinking Oranges

On a tip from Dick Destiny, I picked up the new Pat Travers Power Trio 2, CD.
Most people might remember Pat Travers from his lone early 80's hit "Snortin Whiskey, Drinking Cocaine" tune where he hit his peak and did the arena circuit. So what does an aging ex-guitar hero offer today, you might ask? Absolutely killer versions of classic rock tunes, that's what.

Just look at the cover. This thing ROCKS. Travers is playing thru 4 Marshalls running into 4 Orange cabinets so you know he means business. Now, the Power Trio 1 record was pretty good, but I think the song selection here is even better, and the production is so loud that just about every version of these tunes sounds better than the original!! Mike Varney did a good job making this record LOUD and in your face. The songs include stuff from Cream, Zep, Grand Funk, Humble Pie, Deep Purple, Montrose, Queen....hell, there's even a cover of "Green Eyed Lady", the one-hit wonder from Sugarloaf. You'd know it as soon as you hear it (if you're over 40, that is). The only thing missing is "Ride Captain Ride" by Blues Image!! The only dud among the cuts is Bad Co's "Ready for Love" which I could have done without. He should have thrown in a Sir Lord Baltimore tune instead.

The versions of "Stone Cold Fever" and "How Many More Times" were particularly impressive in that they just plain SMOKE. Travers is on fire. The Marshall/Orange rig he's plugged into is obviously maxed out and it sounds fantastic.

Highly Recommended.


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