Friday, July 14, 2006

Cigar of Choice

Here's my cigar of choice for this summer of Lose. I've converted over to the Ashton Maduro's. In fact last summer it was the cigar of choice, too. I see no reason to switch.
Man they're good. Real mild and smooth. I was smoking the Macanudo Maduro's before, but I think these are better. The weather's just been so crappy, it's been tough to sit on the porch and smoke a stogie and watch the neighborhood cooz, like some old pervert (which I am).
I have a little humidor, and no matter how much you keep it humid, the cigars still go stale after a few weeks. I've had to throw out too many $10 cigars including a few Romeo Y Julieta's. Which is why i've switched to only buying fresh ones the day I plan to smoke them. Either that, or install a walk-in humidor in my house. As such, it's just another tiny slice of happiness, like a good hot dog, in this otherwise shitty life.


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