Friday, November 19, 2010

A Half Century of Lose

Well here it is. I'll soon celebrate a half century of losing on this piece of shit planet. To celebrate the event, the last gig of the first half century will be THE SWORD coming up next week at the TLA. Nothing like a doom metal band to cement in the depression.

What will follow over the next few months on this venerable blog will be reflections on the last 50 years. All the wrong decisions, all the failures, all the misery. To chronicle everythng would take a tome longer than War and Peace. But it must be recorded for posterity, and for others to say, "gee, and I thought MY life was bad...!"

The fall guitar show is the next bit of merriment. The last show in July we managed to get some pics. Now realize that the guitar show is basically a sausage fest, it's all guys. Chicks are only dragged there by their studs for eye candy. Chicks aren't into axes, amps, stereo stuff, or cars. They're into handbags and shoes.

Look at this teen whore. She was the hottest thing at the show. I bet she doesn't have a boyfriend, either.

Here's some other eye candy, the kind that is attainable by losers. A nice orange Marshall rig. Ooooh, I need one of these. Then i'll be happy.

After the axe show it's tradition to hit Chubbys or Dalassandro's for a cheesesteak.

Then perhaps it's off to the Pinball Parlor to play some skill. The favorite machine is Funhouse.

Such is the life of lose. Most other 50 year olds would be doing family stuff and banging their MILF wife. The path of lose is the one least traveled.


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