Friday, July 28, 2006

The Golden Man

Yet another classic episode of Lost in Space is The Golden Man. There he is, Mr. Keema. He fools Maureen and Judy into thinking he's a "good" alien because he is so handsome and gives them gifts. He tricks Smith into giving him all the Jupiter 2's weapons. The best scene is when Judy is trapped in the "minefield" which is just a bunch of beach balls. Keema rescues her and wins their confidence. At the end, he turns into a hideous monster right when he's patting Smith on the back. "Where's Mr. Keema?" Smith says. "I"M KEEMA!!". Of course his plan to destroy them all is foiled by the little alien, with the frog face, who conveniently turns into a prince. Whew, what a moral. Penny was looking good in these episodes. I bet Mark Goddard (Major West) got to bang her.


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