Friday, August 31, 2007

More COOL DVDs you MUST Own

I recently found a site where they are selling bootleg DVD's of some shows i'm dying to get into my collection. Namely, the Green Hornet, Get a Life, and original Batman with Adam West. I almost went for it...Lucky for me that upon further research I found out it was, of course, a scam and run by some Asian con artists who only want your credit card number.

While I pine away for those shows, there's plenty of stuff coming out to keep me occupied in front of the LCD. Here's a few I just picked up and some that are coming out soon.

1. Outer Limits. This was a favorite of mine way back when. "do not adjust your TV. We control the horizontal. We control the vertical". Everyone remembers it.

2. Magic. This is a late 70's movie featuring then-unknown Anthony Hopkins who later went on to fame as Hannibal Lecter. He is a psychotic magician/ventriloquist who has a wooden dummy named Fats who takes over his personality and turns him into a murderous lunatic. Also has hottie Ann Margret who still looks pretty good and has quite a set of thingies. For some reason, I always find evil dummies a good watch.

3. Witchfinder General. This is coming out next month, but is a must buy simply because it has influenced countless doom metal bands, not the least of which is the band Witchfinder General. Hell, it has Vincent Price as Hopkins, the Witchfinder General, so you know it has to be good.

4. One Million Years BC. This is the one with Raquel Welch prancing around in a fur bikini outfit, dodging dinosaurs and getting hit on by the cavemen. Who cares that humans and dinosaurs really didn't exist at the same time in history......we have here Raquel Welch, with barely any clothes!! nuff said.

5. Frankenstein. This is the made for TV movie produced by Dan Curtis of Dark Shadows fame. I remember watching this on late night TV. Bo Svenson plays the monster and all I can remember was that it was cool.

6. Fantastic Voyage. Again, a Raquel Welch feature, but she's fully clothed this time and shrunken down to be injected into a human body. Everyone remembers this's dated but still a classic.

7. Melrose Place, Season Three. Aaah, Melrose Place. Who can forget the anticipation of Monday nights at was the only thing worth looking forward to on a Monday. Jake, Allison, Amanda, Billy, Sydney, Mancini......things really started to get good (ie. over the top) this season.


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Download them on emule, vuze, or limewire.

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