Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Slutfest 2007

It's hard to believe that a year has passed, but yes, it's time once again to review the highlight of the Summer of Lose 2007, the event of all events, and that would be Musikfest, or as we affectionately refer to it, Slutfest. Do we go for the music?? Do we go for the food? No. We go for the teenage hotties. Each year, Slutfest rolls around and kind of marks the beginning of the end of summer. We celebrate it by first stopping at Potts for a few doggies, then heading down to Slutfest to smoke a cool Ashton Aged Maduro whilst sitting on the bench and examining the parade of cooze endlessly preening past us. Just like a bunch of old sex-starved perverts would do.

Once again, it did not disappoint. Those dopey indians were there, of course, peddling their lame CD's. We scored our favorite bench right in the middle of Main St. where the sluts congregate. The scenery consisted of the same pre-pubescent hotties who all are endowed with at least a C cup. It's really quite amazing. And they love to show them off, too. "Oooh, look at me! Look at my tits!! I'm so horny!!" The outfit of choice this year seemed to be the mini denim skirt, paired with one of them cami tops where their thingies just hang right out. Of course they all have the required flip-flops for footwear. The constant preening and touching of themselves was ever present, flipping of the hair, pulling of the short denim skirt, fixing of the bra straps that constantly fall down.....they can't keep their hands off themselves. If only they would use their hands more appropriately, like on my dick.

Since the Ashtons take a good hour to smoke, we had plenty of time to make our observations. Straight hair still seems to be the trend, we were wondering when curls might make a comeback. I was also wondering if they all shave their snatches. Hell, a hairy snatch nowadays is about as rare as A cups. We definitely noticed that those capri pants, which seemed to be the rage a few years ago, are now out of favor. Good. I prefer the mini denim skirts anyway. Who is setting the fashion trend this year anyway...."i'm a good girl" Linday Lohan??

So there you have it, Slutfest 2007 has come and gone. Another Summer of Lose bites the dust. Last year I lamented that it would be 365 days until the next Slutfest. It came around pretty fast. Let the countdown to Slutfest 2008 begin!! What will it bring??? Bigger thingies?? Skimpier outfits?? New hairstyles?? Hurry hurry I can hardly wait!!!


Blogger Stooge Moe said...

Ah yes, another year rolls by, and we're one step closer to dying. The sluts never disappoint and get hornier every year. I can't help but thinking of them as a herd of doe. They act the same way - They travel in groups. They all do the same thing. They all dress the same. And they run away when I approach them.

Even more wild is the occasional lesbian hottie couple walking hand in hand down the main drag. Ohhh, if they'd only kiss. Back in my day, you would have never seen that, let alone two georeous babes parading around. Do their moms know? How can I help convert them?

They said this was the second biggest Musikfest ever. I think this one was the best. Every year it just keeps getting better and better. One can only hope the trend toward more skimpy outfits continues. I just can't imagine how it can get better next year.

Maybe one year we'll teach them a lesson.

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