Friday, November 19, 2010


Although I own a ton of high end equipment, i'm far from being an audio snob or 'golden ear" audiophile. If the ultimate goal is to reproduce, in your home, the live musical experience, the "absolute sound", then I should buy a freaking Cerwin Vega or JBL PA system since that's what Slayer gets amplified thru and that's what MY "live experience" is. Does it matter to me if a component slightly alters the massive distortion of the recorded musical experience? Not really. How the fuck are you gonna know anyway.

Of course this is mainly because my music of choice is hard rock/metal/punk while most audio geeks listen to, ummm, softer stuff.

Now that doesn't mean I dont' enjoy nice high end, well built gear. I just have to chuckle when these audio rags talk about differences in cables, turntables, brands of tubes, etc. I would bet it's all bullshit and irreproducible. Well, maybe for other music you can hear something. But probably not for "Live at Leeds".

I still like to play records, and I've blogged before about the Rega vs. Technics turntable debate. I happen to think the Technics is a solid well built turntable for the money. But I saw a green Rega P3 at Surround Sounds the other day and had to have it. It's just so cool looking. I'm also contemplating getting an Odyssey Audio Khartago amp to fuck with.

Rest assured I won't be playing any Joni Mitchell or Steely Dan thru them.


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