Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Silverburst V

Pretty soon, my happiness for the summer will be ensured. Brother Tim from Superior Guitar will be finished my Flying V, transforming a crappy "worn cherry" into a cool silverburst. The idea hit me after seeing Brent from Mastodon playing a custom shop silverburst. Now I didn't want to spend 5 grand on a custom shop, but I could take one that I had and transform it into what LOOKS like a custom shop. Of course it ain't cheep but nowhere near 5 grand. Here's what it will look like. Mine will have the pointy headstock which is characteristic of the 68-69 V's. I had to replace the stock pickups with 57 classics to complete the look.
Oh man, now i'll be able to play like Brent!! The happiness should last a week, maybe two!!


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