Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Love Taylor Swift

I am now obsessed and completely infatuated with Taylor Swift. She's now taken over for Miley Cyrus as the biggest pop tart in music today. Britney, Miley, Taylor. The other losers don't see what the deal is with Taylor, too tall, bird legs, face looks fat, whatever. To me she is absolutely gorgeous and I want to express my love for her. I just know, that if she met me, she would love me, too.

But alas, she seems to be a real slut. She's gone from one hollywood stud to the next and now she's banging that Gyllenhall dude that was in the movie Zodiac. John Mayer banged her, too. The list is a mile long of studs she's bedded. I bet she's a wild one. At 5'11", she's a lot of woman to love. But I love her, Jerry.


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