Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Rory Gallagher: Notes from San Francisco

A new Rory Gallagher CD has just been released, and on first glance seems to be nothing too special. It's a bunch of unreleased songs from sessions that were to become his Photo Finish album. From the reviews, it seems Rory wasn't too happy with these kinda weak versions, and scrapped all of them.

Now, it seems there is a second disk included here, and this is what you really want. It's a live CD of Rory sometime in 1979, right around the "Stage Struck" period when he was at his heaviest. And man, does this thing SCORCH!!

This could be the best live Rory ever. It's even more rocking than Stage Struck, if thats possible. The man is on fire here. Every tune is just blistering with mad Strat attack.

Rory never got the acclaim he deserved, and he should be right up there with SRV, Johnny Winter, hell even Van Halen, Beck, Clapton. Just listen to this thing and tell me otherwise.

Absolute MUST BUY!!!!


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