Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doomsday May 21

I'm really sorta bummed that the end of the world didn't happen on May 21 like that dude said. Hey, give him a break, he mis-calculated. I'm sure the calculations involve some sort of advanced differential calculus so a slight error can be understood. Maybe the equations are similar to those used in modern string theory. He probably did it all longhand anyway, without a calculator. I wonder what the relative standard deviation of the calculation is?? Maybe it's give or take a week.

It would have been great to see it all end. In fact, the best possible thing would have been for an asteroid to smash right into my house, and instantly vaporize me. Believe me, nothing would have made me happier.

Now all I got to look forward to is Oct 21, the date of the "new calculation". Hey, maybe I should double-check the math to see if it's correct. Is there a software program that can do this? Maybe scan the entire bible into the program, and it will spit out the correct day and time?

So for now, the misery continues. Back to that stinking job and this stinking life.


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