Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some of My Favorite Live Albums

I typically enjoy live albums because they display a band in their natural element. And they tend to rock more than their studio counterparts. These are some of my favorites!!!

1. Grand Funk Railroad..Live Album. Still one of the heaviest albums of all time. Mark Says Alright!! Messenger guitar into West there's a combo you don't see anymore!!

2. UFO-Strangers in the Night. This one's on top of almost everybodys list.

3. Thin Lizzy-Live and Dangerous. So's this one.

4. Who-Live at Leeds. Again, a classic, and for a reason.

5. Rolling Stones-Get Your Ya Ya's Out. Stones at their peak of rocking out. After this they would add horns, etc. and water it out on later tours.

6. Status Quo- Live. The Quo boogie on....and on...and on!!

7. Rory Gallagher- STage Struck. Rory at his rockingest!!

8. Johnny Winter- Captured Live. Johnny at his rockingest!!

9. Judas Priest- Unleashed in the East. Priest at the top of their game, before they went a bit more commercial on British Steel.

10. ELP- Pictures at an Exhibition. "Death....Is...Life!!!"

11. Bloodrock-Live. I used to love these guys...still do!!

12. Humble Pie-Rockin the Fillmore. Actually only sides 1 and 4 are any good.

13. Black Oak Arkansas- Raunch and Roll. Jim Dandy to the rescue!!

14. Ramones- It's Alive. Sabbath played at 78rpm.

15. Exodus- Another Lesson in Violence. Pure Thrash.

16. Uriah Heep- LIve 1973. A classic...listen to Gary Thain's bass lines!!

17. Mott the Hoople- Live. Ariel Bender on guitar, he really ups the heaviness!!

18. Slade- Alive. Noddy Holder, the original gravel voice!!

19. AC/DC- If You Want Blood. With Bon....when they rocked!!!

20. Cream- Live Vols. I and II. Clapton before he became a pussy!!!

21. Rush-All The Worlds A Stage. It brings a tear to my eye and listen to this, then listen to everything Rush has done in the past 30 years!! Oh sadness.

22. Foghat-Live. The soundtrack to my senior year, this was my favorite album. Jammed a lot to this one!!

23. Scorpions-Tokyo Tapes. Before Scorpions became a pop metal band (sometime after Lovedrive), they had Uli Roth on guitar and kicked ass, like on this album!!!

24. Ted Nugent- Double Live Gonzo. Uncle Ted...hey he was the biggest grossing live act in 1977 and 1978!!

25. Allman Bros- Live At Fillmore. Another one that makes everybodys list.

26. MC5- Kick out the Jams. "A song called....Starship!!"

27. King Diamond- Live 1987: Abigail. No list would be complete without the King!!

28. Dictators- Fuck Em if They Can't Take a Joke. Handsome Dick and Ross the Boss rock out.

29. Kiss-Alive. Allright, had to include this because they did influence me, but man, anyone who still likes these guys...wake up!!

30. Jimi Hendrix- In the West. Just about to be re-issued...the best Hendrix live with the absolute best rendition of "Red House".


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