Sunday, December 04, 2011

My Annual Yuletide Rant

Well, you will notice that i've been absent from this for quite some time now, recovering from my first, unsuccessful suicide attempt. I can't even get that right.
Next time it will be different, as i've purchased a Ruger LC9 9mm pistol, and also a Taurus Judge 45 colt revolver. That should do it.

And it probably won't be long, as the goddam holiday season approaches once again.
I'm not sure I can take it.

Here we go again, with all bullshit being shoved down everyones throat about how happy you're supposed to be, and how some hottie is supposed to love you so much, etc etc. Of course I realize it really is all marketing and crass capitalism. But still.

Once again, i'll probably spend Xmas and New Year's Alone, watching porn, playing loud doom metal, and getting drunk. I can't wait.

There is a FEAR song that really sums it all up:



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