Thursday, September 28, 2006

Top 5 Albums of 2006

I know there's still a few months left here, and I don't know what's coming out, but we can always add some honorable mentions at the end of the year. But without further adieu, the Top 5 Albums of 2006 are as follows.

1. Slayer: Christ Illusion

No surprise here. As long as Slayer is around, the world is good.

2. Sword: Age of Winters

Almost forgot about this one, because it came out in January. Killer, bludgeoning riffing right out of Master of Reality-era Sabbath.

3. Wolfmother: Wolfmother.

I know a lot of my friends won't agree with me here. But damn it, I like this album. Probably cause it's the closest thing to vintage Zep you'll find lately. A dud song or two but I still play the hell out of it.

4. Pat Travers: Power Trio 2

See previous blog.

5. Celtic Frost: Monotheist

This wasn't gonna be on here, in fact maybe it should be tied with the new Mastodon. But I played it the other night at full volume, and man, it just pulverizes you. Pure of the best doom records since early Cathedral. All the songs are about death and decay, too. What more do you want to cheer up??


Blogger George Smith said...

Whoah, you're right. Wolfmother, arghh, haven't come back to that one in months. Charted briefly and despite much hype, now dead.

I just never heard much Led Zeppelin there.

Sword didn't do much for me, either, but I can see you diggin' them a lot.

You should probably find "Skull Alcoholic" -- a double-CD by Solar Anus. A Japanese hard rock/metal band, the first disc is utterly Sludge in the 70's. In fact, the first side is so good, I never get to the second side. It has elements of Budgie and a strong whiff of doom to it.

Thunderboss also rocks but I'm not sure, like a lot of these, that it's a record of the year. Solo album, instrumental heavy metal-punk and some surf, by JP Patterson and Ross the Boss. It does rock, and you can remember the tunes. Some Ramones-y vibe, too.

If you can get Dirty Rig's "Rock Did It" discounted or used, you might enjoy it. Biker rock, or as close to biker rock as someone who lives in NYC can get.

5:54 PM  
Blogger Dip said...

Well, the list would be different if I allowed myself (it's my blog, so why not??) to include reissues and not new releases per se. In that case, the Pentagram reissues would certainly warrant inclusion.
Also vying for the "doom album of the year" would be the first Electric Wizard, with cover art apparently done by the Cathedral guy. Then theres' Budgie's "In For the Kill", too.
Solar Anus....geez, what a perfect name. As long as they don't sing in Japanese, i'm there.

4:02 PM  
Blogger George Smith said...

Uh-oh, might want to hold the billfold on Solar Anus. They DO sing in Japanese. Or I should say they chant and growl in Japanese. Still, it's a good riffy and noisy doom record, with lots of '71-style guitar noise in it.

I also just about plumb forgot the Pentagram double on Relapse. "First Days Here, Too" def deserves a notch carved out for it.

I'm also listening to Lords, an English band, that has a certain 71-72 'style. They're new but probably too altie for you, so don't go looking. Descriptions say they sound like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, which definitely isn't true.

I think that shows how little people listen to, or how little they can think of when describing something. Everyone sounds like LZ or BS in net reviews.

I haven't seen the first Electric Wizard CD.

7:34 PM  

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