Sunday, December 04, 2011

Album of the Year 2011

And now fellow losers it's time for my revelation of the 2011 Album of the Year. Relatively speaking it was sort of a quiet year. A few releases stand out as contenders:

1. Mastodon-The Hunter. Mastodon continues to morph from a prog-metal band to a straight prog band. I'm not sure I like the direction. This album ain't bad, but if you listen to "Leviathan" right after it, you realize just how they've softened up.

2. OFF- The First 4 EP's. OFF are the best punk band i've heard this millenium since the Colombian Neckties. Keith Morris ex-Circle Jerks is on vox and damn if this doesn't sound like vintage Black Flag. Awesome.

3. Rory Gallagher- Notes from SF. Not the first disc, but the live CD which totally smokes.

4. Anvil- Juggernaut of Justice. Gotta love Lips for still doing this.

5. Megadeth- Thirteen. Talk about ripping off an Anvil album title! Megadeth really don't play thrash anymore, this is straight up hard rock.

AND THE WINNER IS.................

WARBRINGER-Worlds Torn Asunder. Whew baby, leave it to Warbringer to carry the thrash torch. This is violent, aggressive, bordering on chaotic thrash at its best.
The heaviest album of 2011!! All hail Warbringer!!


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