Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vinyl Reissues

I really hate computers and all computer audio and video. The stuff is all junk.

For example, I had a Panasonic VHS VCR player that worked for 15 years. It still worked when I gave it away. You buy a DVD player now, and it will break in a year or two. Hell, it won't even play a fucking movie.

I bought a Blu Ray movie, and put it into the Sony Playstation 3 I have. An error message comes up "need firmware upgrade to play movie". Jesus Fucking Christ it won't even play the movie. I don't care about all the other shit on the DVD, I just want to play the fucking movie!! I don't need to connect to the fucking internet to watch a movie!! After spending 2 hours downloading the upgrade to a flash drive, I put the flash drive into the Sony and start the upgrade. Everything seems OK, then about 15 minutes into it, the thing crashes with an error "upgrade failed: files corrupt" message. WHAT THE FUCK. This stuff is all JUNK!!!

So my point is, whenever I can get analog, I will. A lot of stuff is being reissued on vinyl and i've been picking it up thru eBay, Acoustic sounds, All That's Heavy, and Elusive Disc. Here's the latest acquistitions:

1. Alice Cooper: Easy Action/Pretties for You/Love it To Death.

The early albums aren't that heavy, but theres some good stuff especially on Easy Action.

2. Thin Lizzy: Live and Dangerous. The best live Lizzy.
3. Hendrix: In the West. The best live Jimi.
4. Trouble: Plastic Green Head. On purple vinyl!!
5. Smashing Pumpkins: Gish. Whatever happened to these clowns. They really sucked towards the end...but Gish is good!

6. Grateful Dead: Live Dead. The Dead when they were acid tripping jammers and not country rockers.

7. Riot: Fire Down Under. A classic!!
8. Kyuss: Blues for the Red Sun. Desert rock!
9. Black Sabbath: Sabotage. Side One is killer!!
10. Yes: Tales from Topographic Oceans. For sides, four songs!!
11. King Crimson: In the Wake of Poseidon. Last album with Greg Lake.

I challenge anyone to show me a current production solid state or digital amplifier, disc player, or other piece of junk that will last more than 20 years. McIntosh amplifiers (the tube ones) like the 275, made in the 60s, are still around today and still work!!

Long live analog!! Digital Sucks!!


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