Monday, August 11, 2008

The Event of the Summer

It's hard to believe that it's time once again to give a review of the Biggest Event of the Summer, the Event of All Events.....Musikfest, aka Slutfest 2008. Has it been a whole year already since i've feasted on the cigars and cooze?? Sure has. And once again, this year did not disappoint. The tits were bigger, the girls younger and sluttier, and the shorts shorter than ever before. It is a wonder to behold.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, we went one step further this year, and actually got some candid shots of the action. I'm sure most readers (uhh...I doubt that people read this, but still...) are skeptical and say that i'm exaggerating my observations. Now you will see just what i'm talking about.

Of course the routine is to first score some dogs at Potts, and my they were outstanding as usual. After that it's off to Main St. to get some after dinner cigars (Ashton Maduro's, without exception) and settle in to enjoy the view. It wouldnt' be Musikfest without the dopey Indians and the jailbait sluts parading around like porn stars. Check out the Indians...

These clowns are there every year, at the exact same spot. I'm sure people travel thousands of miles each year to catch them.

OK, now on to the good stuff. The sluts this year seemed to have one particular favorite outfit....the denim short shorts (with ass cheek showing), and the skimpy strappy top with visible bra straps (which "conveniently" always fall down their shoulder, so they can constantly pull it up). Of course the mandatory flip flops.
Take a look.

See what I mean?? Notice the short shorts. Notice the bra straps in the third photo. It was a bit tougher getting a frontal shot to demonstrate the preponderance of C and D cups but rest assured small tits were about as prevalent as good music. Most of the hornies were getting groped by their studs and i'm sure got ass fucked that evening (that's the latest trend, so that they can still say they're 'virgins"). Actually, i'd like to see the teen pregnancy stats 9 months from now...i bet there's an unexplained "spike".

Well there you have it. I can't wait till next year. The tits will be bigger, the shorts shorter, and the girls will call us creepy old perverts once again. How many more weeks left?? Only 51!!!


Blogger Stooge Moe said...

Another banner event. Every year gets better and better. Not only were the denim shorts prevalent, but it seemed like the preening was up a notch this year. You can see it in the first photo. Notice how the slut can't stop stroking her hair. Some did this constantly. And when they weren't stroking their hair, they were tugging down on their shorts or pulling up their tops to keep their thingies from spilling out.

One cutie at Liderplatz talked to us briefly, but it didn't amount to anything. What did we do wrong? Oh well, there's always next year. There will be a whole new generation of sluts willing to take the stage. We already have reservations at Hotel Bethlehem.

8:20 PM  
Blogger George Smith said...

You're getting dangerous close to Up Skirt and Peeping Tom territory here.

5:48 PM  

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