Friday, August 08, 2008

Philly Guitar Techs

Having a bad case of G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)requires that I find some good local guitar techs. Not that I play out anymore, but still. I'm always itching to mess around and change pickups, refinish, or hot rod an Epiphone. Here are some of the dudes i've used and my analysis.

1. Tim at Superior Guitar, Flourtown. I've been going to Brother Tim for stuff for like 10 years now. Judging by other posts on the net it seems people either love him or hate him. There are 2 points with Tim you must know and realize firsthand. One, he's expensive. Two, he's slow. Most of the refinishes i've had him do took well over a year, more like a year and a half, to complete. OK, that being said, he has done nothing but stellar work for me and I have been completely satisfied. He knows what he's doing. I think he's too pricey for routine set-ups and pickup swaps, but for major work I recommend him. Right now he's refinishing a Faded V to Silverburst for me...he's had the axe for almost a year, when he's done i'll give a full report and pics. But the job he did on my 70's Gibson SG was flawless.

2. Mark Burkert, Precision Guitar Tech, Manayunk. I found Mark's name when Googling Philly Guitar Techs (go figure). Mark is real good and quick. He did a pick-up swap and a set-up on my Les Paul, and even called the next day to ask if I was pleased. It needed a fret dressing and that really did the trick. He offered to make any changes free of charge. I liked Mark enough to give him my TV Junior for a set-up also. Another guy I recommend.

3. Medley Music, Bryn Mawr. Whoever the guitar tech dude there is. I've been going to Medley for like 30 years, and I still take stuff in there for basic set-ups and minor stuff. No complaints.

4. Guitar Doctor, Reading Never tried this guy, but he looks good and i'm in Reading quite one of these day I might give him a try. Supposedly he does the repair work for George's Music in Spring House (uh, where the hell is Spring House??) The only George's I know of is the one off 202 near Paoli.

5. South Jersey Guitar Repair. Kinda far away, but again, these guys have a good reputation and some real positive online feedback.


Good tube amp techs are harder to find. I also need a good tube amp guy for my hifi tube amps. I've asked around and the names that were recommended to me are:

1. Jim Walton. This guy seems to be THE guy in the Philly area.
2. Bob Konopka. Some guitarist at work gave me this guys name. I think he's the service guy for West Chester Music. Again, haven't used him but is recommended by someone I trust.


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