Thursday, December 22, 2011

What a Lucky Man He Was

What is wrong with kids these days??

Back in the day, some of the biggest bands on the planet were prog bands. The biggest of them were Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, Pink Floyd, and mid-period (Thick as a Brick) Jethro Tull (sorry, Genesis doesn't count). An honorable mention goes to King Crimson but they were never as huge as the big four. The records sold in millions and the concerts were packed.

These bands delivered the utmost musicianship. Lengthy, complex song structures, classical influences, side-long opuses segmented into "movements". This stuff was not easy to play. My father, who was for half of his life an accomplished musician, and hated hard rock, even would comment on occasion if I happened to be playing, say ELP, and say "that guy is good". Meaning Keith Emerson. Sure he was good, just listen to this shit!

Kids today do not like this stuff. I wonder what happened over the last few decades to change it? Rap? Britney Spears? I think it's more the fucking iPOD that ruined everything. Kids don't care about hifi or good sound anymore, and prog rock really needs good sound.

In any event, what we have here is a new ELP live album "Live at the Mar-Y-Sol Festival 1972". It could be the best ELP live document mostly because it's not weighted to the Brain Salad Surgery stuff like the other live albums are. A shorter, more to-the-point Pictures at an Exhibition is on here. But the real gem is the finale, the 18 minute "Rondo" where they just go apeshit and tear the house down. YOu can see some of the Rondo madness on the Isle of Wight DVD.

A must purchase for prog fans (I guess that means old people) it loud on a good quality stereo!!


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