Monday, May 14, 2012

Fuck Facebook

So i'm getting ribbed by everyone at work for being the only one to never, ever visit Facebook. How can you not be on Facebook?? Oh my God!! You gotta be on Facebook!! What a bunch of fucking sheep. Yeah, maybe if I was a 13 year old, i'd do it and think it was "neat". Oh boy, I have so many friends!! I'm so cool!! I'm thinking that Facebook is sorta the new Match. It's probably the new way to hook up and have sex with people. Which is probably why i'm celibate. I won't play the game. So I just comment back to these idiots, and tell them if they're on Facebook, they're fags. Then there's the idiots who have to carry their fucking smart phone everywhere, even to the shitter. They can't go 1 second without it. Someone comes with me to the cafeteria to grab a snack, it will take 10 minutes, and they carry their fucking smart phone. What the Fuck!! Can't be without it for 10 minutes?? I'd like to know what is so fucking important. I truly believe it is OCD and treatment is necessary. Ritalin?? Lithium?? I would love to just pull the iPhone from someone and smash it right in front of their face. Watch the horror!!


Blogger slb159 said...


What's up man? See you're still somewhat keeping the blog up. That's cool. Once the Homeland Security Department banned online poker (you're banned-banned from the store!), everyone pretty much disappeared except fpr a few diehards.
Someone even took over my URL. If you type in, it's some Indian guy. Maybe SooDeer in cognito.


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