Monday, October 13, 2014

Lather,Rinse, Repeat

Faithful followers of the Blog of Lose (all none of you) will notice I haven't posted in a few years. What has happened you might ask?? Surely by now my life has turned around and I am now experiencing the joy of life that I no longer need to spew hatred and bitterness thru this faithful blog? Well sorry to disappoint you. I haven't posted since I basically forgot about it. Nothing has changed. Work, watch TV, eat, sleep. Repeat for 2 years. No dates. No fun. No nothing. You gotta put up with the shit at work just to pay the mortgage (which should have been paid by now but the divorce fucked that up) and get money to send the kid to school. That's all you exist for. At least a Slayer gig is coming up. Exodus opening, too, making it a double whammy. That should make up for the Overkill gig I had to miss last Sunday. Gigs are tougher to go to, and it must be cause i'm squarely into old age at mid-fifty. You want to go, but putting up with the drive, the traffic, the hassle just seems more and more difficult. The new humbucker equipped Telecasters look cool. Maybe i'll get one to keep me happy another month.


Blogger Lemnoc Lemnoc said...

Missed your wise observations, guy.

9:27 PM  

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