Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Festivus Miracle!!

As the year draws to a close, yes, it's time to reflect on all the misery and failures that have occurred over the past year. Let the airing of grievances begin!! The best thing is, you know it will only get worse in the coming year. Let's take a look at the highlights of the Year of Lose, 2006.

The biggest happening was the fact that after 4 years of dating and getting rejected by practically every single girl over 35 in the metro area (including a few 50 year olds), I found one that was actually willing to date me more than once. This is indeed a Festivus Miracle in itself. And she ain't bad looking, either. Of course, the mere fact that she would date me again insinuates that she is mentally unstable, and in fact, that is indeed the case! And she's got those damn dogs that i'd like to shoot. But hey, beggars can't be choosy, and i'm still on the ride. Hopefully when we break up, i'll have had my fill for a while, and will be able to sustain another 5 year hiatus with hundreds of rejections. At least I can catch up on my DVD viewing.

The middle aged (40's) dating scene is a real trip. These women need a reality check. I don't know what kind of guy they eventually wind up fucking, but they are maybe a 5 or 6 looks-wise and they want George Clooney. Or a real rich guy. WTF is a rich dude gonna date a middle aged chick for, when he can get some 20-something model.

There were a few good gigs, best of which were Slayer and Mastodon. Luckily in Feb. I will get to see both of them again. The absence of a King Diamond gig was upsetting. Where's the King??!! The Iron Maiden show was a bit disappointing in that they only played the new album, which is really just OK but the old stuff still smokes it. The Sword/Early Man gig at the Kyber started the year off in Jan. with a great show.

As for buying some happiness, it was also a banner year. The biggest acquisitions were two LCD TV's , a Sharp and a Samsung. The Samsung, a 32 incher, is a bit small for the room, and as soon as I pay it off, i'll give it to pops and pop for the 40 inch 1080p. Something to look forward to in 2007. That should keep me happy for a few weeks next year. I almost forgot that I bought that cheep Hyundai Accent, too, as my second "beater" car. I'm the laughing stock of the parking lot with that.

Of course this crappy job just gets worse. I have the honor of working on a whole floor of A-Typers. Re-read my "Corporate Games" blog to see how I feel about that. You think i'm fucked up in the head?? These guys need professional help more than me. Why don't they just sleep at work. One of those inflatable beds would work. Then you don't have to waste valuable work time going home!! I guarantee that these A-typers who stay at work till 10pm every night have some fat cow of a wife at home.

So 2006 bites the dust. What will 2007 bring? More bitter, loveless, pathetic existence? A nasty break up? Hundreds of more rejections? Another kidney stone? A King Diamond gig? A new axe? A bigger TV? A gun to my head?? Oh the anticipation!! Hurry Hurry I can hardly wait!!

Oh, also, only 7 more months till MUSIKFEST!