Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wiz Wit, Please

It's time for the annual pilgrimage to south Philly for our summer cheesesteak fix. Much like being strung out on smack, it seems that a prolonged period of no cheesesteaks is having a detrimental effect on my health, in that I am actually shitting normally for a change but experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, like fever, chills, and stomach pain. Well, maybe the Lyme disease is kicking in again. Yes,kids, It's time for the Pats vs. Geno's showdown, 2008. The idea is to get a wiz wit from both Pats and Genos, wolf them down one after the other and determine the winner. Having a clean bathroom within a 20 minute radius is essential if you really want the wiz wit's. It can get nasty. If I decide at the last minute to chicken out of the authentic wiz wit experience, I'll go for the traditional provolone without, a less deadly choice. The last several years Pats emerged as the winner, will Joey Vento/Genos be able to pull a major upset this year? Sure it will pull an upset, it will upset my stomach!! Let me tell you, the last wiz wit I ate resulted in the foulest, nastiest dump i've ever had that very evening. The stench was so bad I almost vomited. It's the wiz, dammit. That freakin synthetic goop is essentially undigestible.

Hot on the heels of the cheesesteak run will be the annual Potts Doggie run as a prelude to Musikfest. Yes, it's that time again. My how time flies. It seems like only yesterday I was commenting on the scantily clad, big titted teenage sluts. Once Musikfest is over, you know summer is pretty much over. The days are already getting shorter. The stores might as well put the Xmas stuff out now.

Monday, June 02, 2008


As all the faithful readers of this blog (all 3 of you) note, it's been a while since i've managed to post a new entry. The main reason is simply apathy. I can't even keep up with my DVD viewing. I'm backlogged on season 4 of Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place already. Now I got the first two seasons of Buffy to get thru. I need 2 weeks of full time TV viewing. There's always something on regular TV that will interrupt my DVD watching. Like Ax Men, Man vs. Wild, or The Verminators. Now Ice Road Truckers is back on. Gotta see Hugh run that ice road.

Well another summer of Lose is upon us. And before you know it, it will be all over, with the only real enjoyment being maybe a few Ashton Aged Maduro's and a trip to Dutch Wonderland. The fucking price of Gas is really making it so that there's no extra cash for anything. What will be the tipping point where the whole economy collapses?? $7 a gallon?? $10/gallon??

Of course the gas crunch is affecting my luxury spending, namely, new axes. I've got my eyes on getting a Rickenbacker 330. Like Townshend used to use in the early Who days. I want to get one just to be able to smash it. yeah, yeah.

The only gig this summer that may be worth going to is the Judas Priest/Heaven and Hell/Motorhead/Testament thing. I'd rather just see Testament in a small club than go to this. If the new Priest album "Nostradamus" is as good as, say, Sad Wings of Destiny or Stained Class, well then, I might be more enthusiastic. But I doubt it....seriously doubt it. I mean the last one "Angel of Retribution" was a real stinker.

Other than that, I picked up the third Humble Pie record, and a few Sweet re-issues, Desolation Boulevard and Give Us a Wink.