Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Some Rare Good Stuff

I found a few rare CD's recently that turned out to be pretty good. Since there is a lull of stuff coming out anyway, it fills the void. Here's the list.

1. Lee Harvey Oswald Band- A Taste of Prison/Blastronaut. These two albums are like nothing you've ever heard. Imagine Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie combined with straight up rock and roll ala the Didjits. Well, it's not surprising, since this seems to be a side project of ex-Didjits axeman Rick Sims. Now, the Didjits made some real ass kicking records in the late 80's timeframe. I saw them live once and they just killed, even did a smoking cover of AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie". Song titles like "You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire" and "Madeline Loves the Leeches" only confirm the chaos. This is great stuff, find it and buy it!!!

2. Gaza Strippers-1000 Watt Confessions. Discovered this one as well since this seems to be the band that Sims formed AFTER the Lee Harvey thing. Once again, just great rock and roll. It's a shame this stuff sorta got lost in the cracks cause Sims is a monster and it out-rocks 99% of the crap out there.

3. 69 Eyes-Motor City Resurrection. Now, i've heard of these guys and always thought they were sort of a Misfits clone. I bought the CD cause it had some interesting covers, like Alice Cooper's "Is it My Body", MC5's "Call Me Animal", and Dictators "Science Gone too Far". Good choices, so I took a shot. As it turns out, their dress code reveals more of a GunsN Roses/Hanoi Rocks/early Crue clone band and I really don't hear too much Misfits influence. Musically, yeah, sounds like "Shout at the Devil' era Crue. Nothing spectacular, but not bad.

4. Teengenerate-Smash Hits. Now, here's the best punk band to come out of Japan. With riffs stolen right from the Angry Samoans' "Back from Samoa", how can you go wrong??

5. The Stooges-Weirdness. OK, so here's the long awaited Stooges reunion album. Can a bunch of guys pushing 60 still deliver the goods? Do we have another Funhouse here? Stay tuned...sorry, I haven't played it yet.

6. Fu Manchu-We Must Obey. So here's one of the few new releases so far for 2007. Now Fu have been around a while, and I kinda lost interest over the last few years, as I didn't think the stuff was as good as "In Search of" which is a super slab of prime riffola. This one doesn't quite match that classic, but it's good. I'll be seeing them live in a couple weeks and will see how they muster up.