Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Classic albums revisited: Led Zeppelin-Houses of the Holy

I remember the spring of 1973 like it was yesterday. There I was, 12 years old and full of hope (what happened???). It was a great spring for rock and roll. Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies was high on the charts, and Pink Floyd had just released Dark Side of the Moon. The biggest release, though, was gonna be Zep's new one. The album to be called "Zoso" was released in 1971 and had become one of the greatest rock records ever. How could they top it?? What could Page pull out of his magic hat??
I remember picking up the album not long after it was released, a quick bike ride up to the local Nichols (sadly long out of business....what a great hangout that store was, especially the lobby with the pinball machines). So with baited breath I plopped the Panasonic needle in the groove, to the first tune "Song Remains the Same". Whoa...this is good. Real good! They did it!! After that, though, the euphoria sorta wore off. The Rain Song sucked, as did The Crunge. Turn it over to side 2. Dancing Days...not bad, not great. Dyer Maker..sucks. Over the Hills and Far Away...not bad. The Ocean...good. Overall, a not bad album, but a bit of a disappointment. Zep had really lost it. Page was doing too much heroin. But it didn't matter. I had discovered Uriah Heep that spring, too, and was wearing out the grooves on Uriah Heep Live sometime around then.

Aaaah...the spring of 1973. A mere 34 years ago, but seems like just yesterday. I think i'll get out Billion Dollar Babies and give it another listen.