Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Let there be DOOM

As the Christmas season approaches, natually us losers get more and more depressed. I mean, everyone else is all excited getting ready to spend the holidays with their loved one. Well, we have no loved ones. It's just another day alone for us. Which is why dragging out your doom records and playing at full volume will dull the senses and make it a bit more bearable. Add some booze and weed, and you're all set to get thru Xmas eve. These are the main DOOM players. All are essential listening. If you're lucky, these DOOM listenings will drive you to kill yourself, and you won't have to face another miserable holiday again!!! Merry Fucking Christmas.

1. Black Sabbath. Yeah, they're huge, but you gotta admit they started it all. Master of Reality is essential and perhaps still the defining slab of doom.

2. Pentagram. Bobby Leibling and his assortment of misfits have been on the scene forever and have gotten little recognition. Their stuff is primo and deserves to be bought.

3. Trouble. Ultra-heavy early stuff that morphed into a more psychedelic groove in later albums like "Manic Frustration". Still around, new album even, but not quite as heavy as before.

4. Candlemass. Their first LP "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" has the classic tune "Solitude" with the line "please let me die in solitude". Appropriate listening for your New Years' Eve alone. Didn't like subsequent lead singer Messiah Marcolin...but he's gone now, so they're good again. Actually I bought the new album and it kills!!!

5. Electric Wizard. Heavy, heavy weed influenced album is Dopethrone, their newer stuff including new album Witchcult Today is weak however.

6. Sleep. Their second album "Sleeps Holy Mountain" was a Master of Reality clone while they eventually produced a 40 minute slab of one note riffing that is the controversial Jerusalem. You either love it or hate it but the Green Matamps are cooking no matter what.

7. Sword. Not really doom per se, perhaps just a bit too fast, but heavy as hell. Check out the movie where Lindsay Lohan plays a stripper (what a stretch...) and you will hear a Sword tune playing while she humps the pole.

8. Cathedral. Another band seemingly around forever, some great doom on their early stuff but a bit faster on their classic "Ethereal Mirror". Their best tune is "Ride".

9. Witchfinder General. Named after the cult movie featuring Vincent Price as Hopkins, the Witchfinder General. Two seminal albums that are hard to find now, but you are behooved to track them down.

10. Ramsess. Formed from the ashes of Electric Wizard, these guys have taken over the torch and are now beating the Wiz at their own game. What can I's heavy!!