Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Welcome Back My Friends, to the Lose that Never Ends

Now that summer is over and another long, cold depressing winter of lose is imminent, I typically resort to blatant materialism to help gain a bit of happiness. Of course it's all short lived and fleeting, but it's all i've got. So i've been spending money like a mad democrat lately. My first purchase, something desperately needed for my EXIT PLAN, is a Ruger LCP pistol. This is the hottest gun out there for concealed carry and has been backordered for a year. It should serve it's ultimate purpose no problem...

Then on a whim I bought another TV....a Samsung 40 inch LED backlit LCD. New TV's always give you maybe a week or two of new-found happiness. Imagine the bliss of the CW's Tuesday night line-up on hi-res!! 90210 and Melrose Place!! How can it get better than that??

I found myself a little short of spending cash after this bonanza, and decided to hock my 14K gold wedding band that has been collecting dust. Hey gold is $1000 an ounce. So guess what I got for that little bad memory?? 40 bucks. I used the money to buy toilet paper and other sundries at Wal Mart. So much for those memories, eh?? Right in the toilet where they belong.