Monday, March 01, 2010

The Office......RIP

Much like what happened with Seinfeld, i've started getting into "The Office" after it has been on already for several seasons. For some reason I just never bothered to check it out and give it a chance. Now, after watching all the reruns for the last month or two, i've concluded that it is perhaps the best comedy since Seinfeld.
Or should I say, "was" the best comedy.

For "The Office" has now gone where no comedy should ever go. Seinfeld never took it to extreme and thus remained a true classic comedy all the way to the end. Can you imagine a Seinfeld episode where Jerry marries Elaine?? The writers knew better, thank god. "All in the Family" succumbed to it. "Cheers" I think flirted with it.
What i'm talking about is when they start having "Wedding" and "Baby" episodes. This weeks "Office" episode features "sweet girl" Pam's and "office stud" Jim's baby. Oh, what a joy. I'm sure it will be so funny.

Now, don't these writers get it. No matter what you do, a "baby" or "wedding" episode is NEVER funny. Seinfeld had George get "engaged"....but the whole plot revolved around him trying to get OUT of it, which was genius. Not in the Office. Stud gets hot chick, stud marries hot chick, stud knocks up hot chick. Funny? No.
You see that all around you every day.

A better plotline would have been for Halpert to get rejected by Pam for the third time, and somehow have her go crazy and start dating Michael or Oscar the gay guy. Or work it that he thinks he knocks up Phyllis, but she's not pregnant, just fat. Damn they should hire me to write the shows.

So, although I think "The Office" was perhaps the best post-Seinfeld comedy, it's reign has come to an end.

It's gonna be hard to find a replacement. That's what she said.