Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shrine of Doom

Ever since listening to Sabbath's "Master of Reality", i've been a fan of what is now called "DOOM" metal. Essentially that album defined it, but it lives on to this day in various incarnations. Basically if you are as depressed and fucked up as I am, doom metal is a good friend to have. If you are really depressed and questioning whether to put a gun to your head and end the misery, a slab of doom metal at high volume will give you the correct answer. I guess, since i'm writing this now, I haven't had the volume up enough.

NOW...What we got here is the first real DOOM supergroup. And i'm not talking about Chickenfoot, either. SHRINEBUILDER has veteran WINO (ex Saint Vitus, Obsessed, etc etc), Al Cisneros (ex SLEEP), and some dude who is in the MELVINS (I never really cared for the Melvins). There's another guy, too, but I never heard of him. So really this thing has the potential to out-doom them all. Nevertheless it will be pretty hard to top Sleep's "Jerusalem", the 40 minute one-riff doom masterpiece.

Review as soon as it arrives!!


RAVEN/Walk thru Fire RAVEN practically invented thrash metal and get absolutely no credit. That's because they made a huge boo-boo when they signed to a major after "All for ONe" and wimped out their sound over a 4 to 5 album stretch. They tried to rectify the mistake over the last 20 years but by then everyone had moved on. They're back again...and this time the stuff promises to be as potent as "Rock Till U Drop" and "Wiped Out". I mean....Metallica, also guilty of changing their sound to a more "radio friendly" metal.....OPENED for Raven once!!
Stay tuned...Review as soon as it arrives!!!