Friday, March 20, 2009

Guns are Power

I think I want to buy a gun. Like General Aldo said in "Battle for the Planet of the Apes", "We- want- guns!! Guns- are- power!!". It took an ape to say it like it really is, cut to the chase of the matter. Now, as a gun novice, i'm quite baffled at the choices there are. I mean, who the fuck is buying all these guns?? There are like hundreds of models. The ammo is another thing, there are zillions of sizes, gauges, etc. They should categorize them as "might kill", "will kill", and "will disintegrate human flesh".

My choices are a handgun or a revolver for pistols, and most likely a shotgun for home use. There are several online stores and I found one right close by in Pottstown called "Sniper PX". The funny thing is, every gun on there, it says "Out of Stock". I can't believe guns are selling so fast they can't keep up with demand!!
Now do I choose a Smith and Wesson revolver, or a Glock pistol?? The idea is to get one and start practising at a shooting range. There's a shooting range at work here. It's conveniently located in my boss' office. There is even a target in there, too!!