Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Four Greatest Albums EVER!!!

OK, I know i've been compiling these meaningless lists. But I thought, can these lists be condensed to maybe 3 or 4 of the greatest albums of ALL TIME?? Can it be done??
It's not an easy task. But I think I have a way to do it. The way to do it is to reduce ENTIRE GENRE'S of music to one album. And when you think about it, and see my choices, it will make sense. Let's have a look then at my choices.

1. Slayer: Reign in Blood.

OK, again, it should be no surprise. But if you condense the entire speed/death/thrash metal world into one album, that is it!! Not to mention that it probably is the heaviest album of all time.

2. Black Sabbath: Master of Reality

This album is where ALL doom/sludge/stoner rock begins. Again, it captures an entire genre. The riffs on this album are timeless.

3. Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks

The entire punk ethos is distilled into this album. Rotten's lyrics and vocal delivery just spew hostility and rage. I mean, geez, listen to "Bodies" abortion song....Rotten sneers "mommy.....i'm not an animal!!!"

I might have to cheat, though, and make a tie for #3....or an honorable mention at least, and include the Ramones "It's Alive". Rock and roll distilled to it's essence.

4. Led Zeppelin: II

ALL other metal/rock/hard rock that is blues based can be traced to this one.
Again, an album that defines an entire genre.

There, that's it. There are so many others....UFO's "Strangers in the Night"....AC/DC's Powerage.....Grand Funk Live.....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blatant Materialism....or How to Be Happy Going Broke

I will freely admit that I have a problem with materialism. That is, the endless quest to buy more stuff to keep you happy for the next few days. It definitely is a disorder, i'm not arguing there. But a lot of people seem to have it, and I wonder what the root cause is. It's not like I was deprived as a child. Is it just trying to compensate for a hopelessly bitter, depressing and loveless existence?? Probably. The acquisition of the item, which runs the gamut from guitars, amps, TV's, audio equipment, etc, etc., is really the climax of the whole thing. The planning, researching, gloating, and all the preliminary steps are actually what gets you going. As soon as you have the item, it's time to start on the NEXT thing, and so the vicious cycle perpetuates.
Now, having said that, it accounts for the 25 guitars, 20 tube amp heads, 2000 CD's, 1000 DVD's, 2 LCD tv's, 100 books, 100 shirts, 50 pairs of shoes, 20 effect pedals, and other assorted crap that litters my house. A side effect of this disorder is of course you are constantly operating at your financial limit.....and the stuff clutters up your house. Walk into my house right now and it looks like a blend of Sam Ash and Best Buy. Fortunately for me the disease hasn't yet progressed to where i'm OVER my financial limit....and you start running up the credit cards. That's where it gets scary and you'd better get professional help. Or just shoot yourself and end it all.

Just this month, for example, I had to get a pair of JBL car speakers ($170), a THD Hotplate amp attenuator ($300.. yeah I really needed that I dont' even play out anymore), a few shirts, another pair of shoes, and about 20 CD's and 10 DVD's. The month isn't even over. Am I any happier?? Not really. I think a hot car would make me happy, though. Maybe a Corvette.
Or a BMW. Hell even the Pontiac Solstice looks nice. Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket!!! If I can get 15 grand for the Jeep, and the Bimmer is 35 grand, I'll only owe 20 grand!! THEN i'll be happy, I just know it!!