Monday, August 10, 2009 2009

Well faithful readers of the Blog of Lose, it is time yet once again to review the event of events, the highlight of the summmer, Musikfest 2009 or as we affectionately call it, Slutfest. It's hard to believe it has come and gone already, and now all there is to look forward to is a cold, dark, and lonely winter where I count down the days till next year. 363 days and counting....

So how did this year rate?? As expected, the music was worse, the food worser (is that a word??), and the sluts hornier than ever before!! Yes indeed the teenage cooze could be smelled a half mile away (then again that might of been the tuna taco stand). The outfits remained consistent in the short denim skirt with no underwear, strappy top with the thingies falling out, and flip flops. Any wench who didn't have the flip flops was committing a real fashion faux pas, and should have been punished by taking her diaphragm and vibrator. The boobs on these high school sluts are never less than C and D cups, what the hell is in those school cafeteria foods??

As expected the hotties were constantly touching themselves, flipping their hair, pulling their shorts, and fixing their tops to prevent their breasts from spilling out. It's all a blatant display of "I'm ready to fuck now". I read that the average sexually active teenage girl has sex three times a day. That means in a month, she has had 3X more sex than I have had my whole lifetime (do the math........8 years of marriage to a frigid, bipolar chick with sex maybe once every 3-4 months equals about about 30 times).

Of course the scenery was enhanced by a nice long smoke outside in the Cigar tent, after the customary stop at Potts for some dogs. I had a Romeo Y Julieta aged maduro. There was this 40-ish hag in the tent smoking a cigar who's skin looked like it had dried in the tobacco huts along with the wrappers. She thought she looked good, too.
We did our best to capture some of the entertainment with a mini digital cam.