Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I'll Die Alone

It's becoming increasingly more probable that I will die alone. The odds are so good it's now bordering on certainty. Part of my scientific training is that I really look at things from a realistic and statistical point of view. The conculsions aren't pretty, or something the average person would want to face. But with a lifetime of lose, i'm sorta used to it.

It's almost a certain bet that there will never be another relationship with a woman. That avenue has been exhausted, with total failure, so why would it ever change?? Then there's my daughter. According to stats, she has about 10 years left so in all probability I will outlive her. My mother has about 6-12 months left with advanced metastatic breast cancer, and my dad at 87 has at most 10 years (although the odds are that the prostate cancer will return eventually).

So within a 10 year timeframe, i'll be pretty much completely alone. I'll be able to shoot myself in my home, and my body can decompose for months before the stench gets the neighbors to call the cops. The bacterial decomposition will cause my body to bloat with gasses and eventually liquefy all my organs. The stuff will ooze into the carpet and down into the basement. I guess then they'll cremate me, and my ashes will be the property of the state. Good to see my tax money work for me.

Yes, the future looks bright indeed, i'd better wear shades.