Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Grand Funk Jap Reissues

MORE THAN ANY OTHER BAND, it was Grand Funk Railroad that shaped my musical destiny. You remember it like the first time you had sex (not that I can even remember the LAST time I had sex..). There I was, 11 years old and my musical collection included stuff like Beatles (there's a surprise), Three Dog Night, Chicago, Steppenwolf. I had the first Santana record and thought that was the heaviest album ever. I think it was the album cover that prompted me to pick up Grand Funk's Live Album. "This looks like it rocks". When I played that baby, whoa, my life changed forever. I had never heard anything so heavy, so intense, so kick ass. It's still my favorite live record. It made that Santana record sound lame!! I had found my musical calling. From there it went to Deep Purple's In Rock, Zeppelin II, and so on.

So with that in mind, I still wonder why I just blew $150 on purchasing these Toshiba Jap reissues of the first 5 Grand Funk records.......packaged in the real cool "mini album" format....when I already have the vinyl and the CD reissues from a few years ago. Basically these mini-LP's are cool, and the packaging is top notch. Hell, the Live Album even has a mini-replica of the original poster!! Survival has mini-replica's of the 3 "caveman" pics!! I think even Phoenix, and the later albums, are reissued also, but why would you want those?!!

Mark says Allright!!!